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As We End 2019!

This year at  Nature Network we have accomplished so much and we are so glad it was possible. However, we would not have reached here without the support from you our well wishers.

The following ten points have been a highlight:

1. We secured support and facilitation to go toward our poultry, photography and Videography, Culinary activities and ICT programmes. We are so grateful to all those who support our work.

2. We were able to conduct psycho social support sessions. These enabled us to meet our beneficiaries and provided them the necessary interventions.

3.  Housing: We are able to accommodate beneficiaries and provide nutrition support to them.

4. Drop-in/ Resource Center: Where beneficiaries can access computer and education sessions.

5. Kitchen Gardens: We have half an acre of seed bed which we can turn into small vegetable gardens. The food that we get out of here is used by us.

6. Recognition/ Awards: We have awards for participating in National Netball Games held at Mombasa and Nairobi

7. Prayer sessions: We hold Kusaba/Kutendereza sessions where we also have spiritual music, communal prayers and affirming spaces.

8. Bridges of Love Alliance: We secured a partnership with action Aid-Kenya and together we shot the documentary depicting instances of tolerance between LGBT Communities and other actors.

9. Our members participated in an HRD Training on organizing, Leadership and Campaigns.

10. We were part of the Book Launch titled:  "Kenyan Christian Queer" by Professor Adriaan Van Klinken.

One of Nature Network's member Raymond Brian after reading through the Book by Prof. Adriaan Van Klinken titled: "Religion, LGBT Activism And Arts of Resistance In Africa; Kenyan Christian Queer"


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