Thursday, November 23, 2017

How can an HIV positive person lead a healthy life? Tips From Experts

How can an HIV positive person lead a healthy life? 

We had yet another Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) session which was not like all the rest we have had.

At The Nature network we had a chance of knowing how an HIV positive person can live a healthy life and we also got to know more importances of taking ARVs:

1. Through drug adherence

2. Safe care
3. Getting a reminder so that one couldn't forget taking drugs on time
4. Less alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana because they can affect your lungs.
5. Having a balanced diet with meals having vegetables and fruits with less sugars.

The importance of taking a ARVs:

1. ARVs boosts our immune system and CD4 counts, 

2. Less risks of infecting others. 
3. Prolong/increase on your lifespan
4. Are an opportunity to provide oneself support and care from qualified health workers every time one needs a refill or check up

The event took place on 6th/nov/2017. We take this opportunity to appreciate the Church World Service and the Nature network team for the good cooperation. We also call upon support from different allies such as , Stakeholders and well wishers so that we continue the fight to end the high spread of HIV.

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