Monday, June 26, 2017

Meet Some of The Nature Network Group members' creativity Monday!

Today, we chose to relax. To engage in grooming and see how different fashions make us renewed. We chose Kitenge shirts trimmed differently. Some had long sleeves while others had shorter ones. We then proceeded to model as younger people with a purpose and focused to take on the future. We did not stop at that but rather went ahead to add assortments such as satchel bag, mobile phones and ear pins. We chose to use open air and bungalow house as our background.  This combination portrays our understanding of a casual outdoor summer. I am sure you see yours truly who chose to do shorter locks ( I am talking of hair) and a crimson upper wear. Isn't it "dope?"Look at the tight ankle length panties/trousers!

What is your take? Are we original, elegant yet vogue? We leave this to you. Be the judges. We want to hear from you.

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